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Big group set for annual tank trip


Big group set for annual tank trip

As many as seventy people are expected to join Hampidjan for this year’s annual flume tank trip to Hirtshals in Denmark. The company has made this a regular event with Hampidjan and companies within the group presenting their gear at the North Sea Centre flume tank. This year there will be a session from the 3rd to the 5th of December, with an expected 35 visitors from other parts of the world.

These customary flume tank sessions have been run for many years. As well as presentations of fishing gears and how they function under the closest conditions that can be achieved to reality, a series of lectures will be held on fishing gear development there will be presentations of the various products that Hampidjan and its subsidiary companies have to offer.

‘This time we’re concentrating on the advantages of our Gloria pelagic trawls, DynIce Quicklines for codends and not least, the use of  pelagic doors with demersal trawling,’ sales and marketing director Haraldur Árnason said.

This last item is of particular interest as by using pelagic doors to open a bottom trawl, it is possible to reduce seabed disturbance significantly. Some operators choose to rig their gear with clump weights to keep the gear in place on the ground, while others have been able to dispense with these weights without any loss of fishing capacity, and we expect to demonstrate how the gear can be rigged to fish without weights.

‘I have no idea how many times Hampidjan has run these flume tank trips to demonstrate gear, but the common thread is that there is always a huge amount of interest. To begin with we had mainly Icelanders taking part in this, but now we have representatives of fishing companies from all over the world joining us to see what innovations we have to offer.

As usual, we will also be offering a series of detailed lectures on fishing gear and fishing gear technology. This time we will also have present staff from Furuno, one of the world’s leading fishing electronics companies, who will inform about the latest innovation technology from the company,’ Haraldur Árnason said.

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