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Colligo Marine is a big believer in using Hampidjan’s Dyneema products in the recreational marine industry. For over ten years now we have been using Dyneema for standing rigging and, more recently, for torsional cables. We have developed a complete line of hardware designed specifically for Hampidjan’s Dynice Dux and Furl cables.

Standing Rigging

We, at Colligo Marine, have been using Hampidjan’s Dynice Dux together with our  end fittings for standing rigging on sailboats for over 10 years now.  We call this combination Colligo Dux standing rigging.  The are some challenges that have had to be overcome with this usage as it is replacing steel components that have been used for over 150 years on sailboats to hold up a mast.  Our Colligo Dux combination is sized for each boat by stretch characteristics, and since most standing rigging has a static load applied, creep has to be considered.  We have developed both stretch characteristics and a creep formula for Dynice Dux that we use for each boat that we rig.  Stretch is always foremost in our in our sizing considerations and our creep target is less than 0.1” (3mm) per year.    All of the boats that we rig have equivalent stretch and our creep target is easily met with Dynice Dux made from SK75 Dyneema.  We prefer using Dynice Dux because it is made using Dyneema SK75 which has low stretch, heat stretches very well and, has less constructional elongation when subjected to a continuous load.  This is very important when most boats use turnbuckles for tensioning with limited travel so any elongation over time is not acceptable.  When sized by our methods, the rigging is always 2-5 times as strong as the steel systems it is replacing so it presents a much larger factor of safety.

At Colligo,  we have rigged over 750 boats around the world with Colligo Dux Rigging. Boats to 75 feet long.  All types of standing rigging have been completed, shrouds, forestays, backstays, diamond stays, and martingales.  Colligo Dux rigging is lighter, offers no corrosion issues, and is safer than steel alternatives as it is fully inspectable.  The 2 failure modes, chafe and UV, both present visible cues as the line gets fuzzy and tells you when to change it out, a much desired attribute as safety is the utmost concern on a sailboat.

Torsional Cables

Colligo has developed end fitting hardware for Hampidjan’s premium Furl cables, including the only reusable clamping mechanism for it.   Our furler line terminators and clamps have been designed specifically for the Hampidjan Furl Cable and the high torsional loads that can be achieved and have been used on boats to 80 feet (24 M).  Cables have been made to over 100 feet (30M) long.  Hampidjan Furl cables offer the best torsional stiffness of any spooled cables and together with Colligo Clamps offer an affordable yet complete solution for both code (straight luff) sails and top down style sails like gennakers and spinnakers.

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