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First purse seine repair job at Hampiðjan Neskaupstaður


Norwegian pelagic vessel Rav docked in Norðfjörður on Monday last week, with a badly damaged capelin purse seine. The purse seine was fouled in the net bin while shooting away, with the result that whole panels were ripped out. The skipper and crew immediately saw that this would be a major repair job and that it would take some days to bring the purse seine back to a usable condition.

The purse seine was spooled inside as soon as Rav was tied up at the quayside outside Hampiðjan’s net loft. It was clear right away that a great deal of work would be needed to pull the purse seine together, so additional staff were called in from Hampiðjan in Reykjavík, plus extra manpower was brought in locally.

‘This was the first time that we have taken in a purse seine for repair,’ said Hampiðjan Neskaupstaður’s Jón Einar Marteinsson.
‘It was a pleasure to see that all of the equipment and facilities worked very well. It’s obvious that a job like this would have taken much longer at the old net loft.’

On Wednesday evening the skipper and owners decided to make changes to the net bin on board. There was a quick response and the following morning at team from local steel fabrication company Vélaverkstæði G. Skúlasonar were on board, and worked around the clock until Rav sailed.

Work continued on Rav’s purse seine well into the evening every day through the week, as is always done when a job is urgent. The capelin purse seine was spooled back on board and was stacked in the net bin before midnight on Friday, and Rav departed immediately for fishing grounds off the east of Iceland.

‘The skipper and crew were very happy with the service they received from Hampiðjan, with the company’s technical staff working long days to repair their gear. They were also very pleased that Vélaverkstæði G. Skúlasonar staff were able to be on the job with almost no advance warning. We wish them good fishing and hope that they can catch their capelin quota as soon as possible – and they they get a decent price for it,’ Jón Einar Marteinsson said.

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