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Hampiðjan staff complete annual beach clean-up


The beach clean-up organised by Hampiðjan, the company’s staff association and the Blue Army took place yesterday on the 29th August, with a 50-strong team of the company’s staff and family members joining in the annual event. The clean-up concentrated on the shoreline east of the Selvogur lighthouse and we managed to completely clear a 600 metre stretch of beach.

It was an honour to have President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson join us, and he was tireless in his efforts to collect the rubbish that has collected on the shore over past years and decades. Fisheries Iceland’s environmental specialist Hildur Hauksdóttir was also present to contribute to this good cause.

The event was organised by Tómas Knútson of the Blue Army and his efforts towards improving the environment are highly appreciated.
The results of the clean-up were a packed full half-size shipping container on the back of the Hampiðjan truck and the Blue Army’s trailer also full to the brim. The full amount was 4.3 tones.

The efforts of all those who took part in the clean-up day is much appreciated and we hope that everyone had an enjoyable and rewarding day!
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