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Hampidjan’s flume tank trip, 9th-11th December 2015


Hampidjan will be running its customary annual trip to the flume tank at the North Sea Centre in Hirtshals between the 9th and 11th of December. This has been a high point of the Hampidjan calendar for many years.
In addition to presentations of how fishing gears function under realistic conditions, there will also be lectures on the development of fishing gears and the products manufactured by Hampidjan and its partner companies will also be on display. As well as Hampidjan, trawl door manufacturer Thyborøn will be showing its latest range of trawl doors and taking part in gear demonstrations. Marport staff will also be present among the guests and they will be presenting the latest innovations in fishing gear sensors as well as taking an active role in the gear demonstrations.

As usual, representatives of Icelandic fishing companies will be among those present, as well as guests from the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Holland, the USA, Russia and South America. The guest list is still being put together, but many skippers and vessel operators have an understandable habit of making arrangements at short notice, due to the unpredictability of when and where their vessels will be in port. Experience tells us that many guests will only register a couple of days before the event begins.

Airlines tend to have strict requirements and expect groups to book with plenty of advance notice. We ask guests to respect this and let us know as far as possible in advance, including supplying the names of those taking part.

According to sales and marketing manager Haraldur Árnason, there is a varied programme this year. This included the new Gloria 2560m wide trawl designed for blue whiting, herring and mackerel. This new variant has been in development for some time. We will also be using the occasion to present innovations in demersal trawl gear, bellies, codends and much else.

Those travelling from Iceland will depart on the 8th of December and return on the 11th. The trip is frequently used for a weekend away, providing an opportunity to spend the 11th to the 13th in Copenhagen at a time when the Danish capital’s Christmas preparations are in full swing. These trips have always been lively, good-natured affairs with the opportunity to meet family for a weekend city break. Hampidjan has booked rooms at the SP34 boutique hotel, a new hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Those who would like to spend the weekend with us are welcome to get in touch and we will handle bookings.

The more the merrier. 

Further information can be found at:Tankbod enska 2015.pdf

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