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Key platform for demonstrations and sharing ideas


Hampiðjan will be running its annual presentation of its own products as well as those of its partner companies at the North Sea Centre’s flume tank in Hirtshals from 28th to 30th of November this year. This trip has become a regular event in the company’s calendar and the aim of it is to be able to demonstrate to skippers how trawl gears perform under the most realistic conditions possible. Flume tank trips are an ideal platform for exchanging ideas on every aspect of the efficiency of trawls and innovations in fishfinding technology.

Organising the trip is in the hands of Hampiðjan’s fishing gear sales and marketing director Jón Oddur Davíðsson, and he reports that a similar level of attendance is expected to last year’s event, with around fifty participants.
‘These trips have been very useful for us and no less so for our customers. The first organised trip was in 1979, and at that time it was to the flume tank in Hull. That was followed by trips to the flume tank in Hirtshals while fishing exhibitions were held at the Bella Center in Copenhagen between 1980 and 1990. Back then the trips were organised every three years, and we also took smaller groups to Hirtshals in between exhibitions. Since 1990 there has been a visit to Hirtshals virtually every year,’ he said.

Innovation in demersal and pelagic trawl gears

‘As in previous years, we will be presenting the latest in demersal and pelagic trawl gear from Hampiðjan. This includes trawls from Fjarðanet. So this means we will be showing Hampiðjan Wide, H-Toppur and Hemmer trawls. We will also demonstrate several variants of demersal and pelagic codends with T90 technology and Quicklines, and the newest developments from Thyborøn Trawldoors. Concerning pelagic gear, we will be looking at Gloria pelagic trawls for herring, mackerel and blue whiting that have performed outstandingly well in recent years,’ Jón Oddur Davíðsson said, commenting that the visit to Hirtshals is also invaluable for the insights it provides into fishfinding technology, trawl sensors and fishing gear technology.
‘We have placed the emphasis on bringing in speakers to present innovations in these fields. The schedule is still being organised, and will be available soon.’

What do you think is the advantage of trips such as this one?

‘As well as getting all the information on what we are developing and improving on, attendees get the opportunity to examine the effects that alterations to gear settings can have. It’s just as important for us at Hampiðjan to get the feedback on how we are doing in this key sector of the fishing industry. The social side of the tank trips is no less important, both for us and for our customers. We have people coming from all over the world and they enjoy comparing notes on the fishing and fishing gears that are their bread and butter. During these trips we have often seen fishermen from opposite sides of the world getting to know each other, comparing their experiences and obtaining new information that helps them in their work,’  Jón Oddur Davíðsson said.

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