The lowest drag resistance possible

If maximum strength, compared with diameter, is needed as well as the lowest possible drag resistance one should choose Dynet. The main emphasis is on knot strength, knot stability and durability. With thinner twine a lighter trawl can be made with minimum drag resistance and which will lower fuel consumption.

The Dynet from Hampidjan is made of Dyneema® superfibres from the Dutch company DSM. 
Elongation at break is only 3% and it will not creep in water. The netting tolerates UV light better than other netting materials and the abrasion resistance is excellent.

Strength, compared to twine diameter, is very high and drag resistance during towing and in strong current is minimal.

The twine is heavily impregnated which ensures excellent abrasion resistance, increases stifness and lifetime.

The net is knotted with double knots which completely prevents knot slippage and net distortion.

Dynet PDF

DynIce Extreme Strength
Knot breaking strength (kg) Runnage (m/kg) Twine weight Unimpr. (g/100m) Real diameter (mm)
130 1.333 84 1.1
209 685 146 1.7
310 435 230 2.1
425 316 316 2.5
850 158 633 3.5
1.392 105 952 4.5
1.941 83 1.205 5.0
2.222 65 1.538 5.5

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