Pelagic Trawl doors

In October 2011 Hampidjan merged its Poly-Ice trawl door brand  with Thyboron Skibssmedie A/S in Thyboron, Denmark.  Consequently, Hampidjan became the sole selling entity in Iceland and New Zealand for both Poly-Ice and Thyboron doors.  

In addition, Hampidjan's subsidiary, Swan Net Gundry, became the sole selling entity for both Poly-Ice and Thyboron pelagic trawl doors in Scotland and Ireland.  

Both Poly-Ice and Thyboron doors are manufactured by the well known quality trawl door manufacturer, Thyboron Skibssmedie.

Our customers can trust that Poly-Ice and Thyboron trawl doors are designed by using exhaustive hydrodynamic testing, flume tank and onsite trials and are made from quality material by outstanding Danish craftsmanship.   

Poly-Ice doors come fitted with the patented X-stream technology that reduces turbulence behind the trawl door significantly and therefore reduces drag, making the doors more stable and lighter to tow.

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