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Hampiðjan strengthens their ESG efforts by bringing on board ESG Director


Hampiðjan Group is now happy to announce that Marthe Amundsen Brodahl has been appointed as Hampiðjan Group ESG Director. She will now move to the parent company Hampiðjan after the acquisition of Mørenot having led Mørenot Group’s ESG efforts for the past two years.

Marthe has a background from Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, with a specialization in strategy and innovation management. She wrote her master thesis for the Mørenot Group on how to organize for systematic innovation and was thereafter asked to join the Group’s management team as Strategy and Business Development Manager.

“My main focus in Mørenot has been to implement a systematic approach for the development of and follow-up on strategic initiatives, including the company’s ESG strategy. While it can be hard to navigate the jungle that is sustainability, my objective has been to create a single cohesive strategy framework that is suitable for the organization and that makes reporting as efficient as possible,” says Marthe.

“In Hampiðjan Group, I will be responsible for developing and implementing ESG strategies that meet the demands of our customers and deliver competitive advantage. Simultaneously, I will be working to ensure that the group has a proactive approach to upcoming regulations. I look forward to bringing together the knowledge and expertise of all Hampiðjan Group companies to position Hampiðjan as a global leader in the ESG space”, says Marthe.

On Marthe’s new role within Hampiðjan Group, CEO Hjörtur Erlendsson comments, “We are delighted to have Marthe leading our efforts to improve our focus on ESG matters.  She is bringing with her experience and knowledge of ESG strategies which will enable us to implement our policies effectively in Hampidjan Group companies worldwide.   Additional advantage is that she is of the young generation grown up after the millennium when individuals, companies and nations have been faced with increasing challenges related with climate changes, social issues and need for solid governance policies.  We look forward to work with her developing our way to meet those challenges knowing her energetic manner and ambitions to do better in this field”.

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