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Hampiðjan Offshore launches Terra Slings


The first 100% recyclable heavy lift sling for the offshore and onshore construction market.

Hampidjan Offshore are proud to announce the launch of TERRA slings.

Reducing waste and repurposing materials is key in managing the industries impact upon the environment and creating a future proof sustainable business model.

During the last two years Hampidjan Offshore has been working with suppliers to select materials that have a genuine after use value to society, whilst in no way compromising on performance or certification requirements.

The core load bearing strength member used is TWARON, supplied by Teijin Aramid. This high-performance fibre has been used within the offshore industry for two decades and can now be recycled and reprocessed for use within the automotive industry. The polyester jacket material is a recycled product and sourced directly from reprocessed material suppliers.

Hampidjan Offshore encourages all customers to return TERRA slings at the end of their useful life. Partnering with Teijin in their recycling program allows substantial rebate payments to be offered based on the product weight of each sling returned. Hampidjan Offshore will accept the used product which will then be broken down into constituent parts for full reprocessing and reuse.

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