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New Nordsø Trawl net loft in Thyborøn


A magnificent new net loft has been built at Thyborøn in Denmark and was formally opened last week with guests invited to see look over the new building. The new Nordsø Trawl net loft measures 2600 square metres, or which 200 square metres are used for office space.

Hampidjan’s wholly-owned Danish subsidiary Cosmos Trawl in turn owns an 80% share of Nordsø Trawl, which is managed by Flemming Ruby who has decades of experience behind him in fishing gear technology.

He commented that the new net loft is fitted out with the best equipment available.

‘We have six lanes that can be used for either repair work on fishing gear, or for setting up new gear. The aim is simple; to offer our customers the best,’ Flemming Ruby said. Among his customers are many of the local fishing operators in Thyborøn, which is booming with activity, unlike many Danish fishing ports. Nordsø Trawl has also built up a strong reputation outside Denmark, with gear exported to regular customers in Sweden, Norway, Holland and Morocco.

‘We have more than enough work to keep ourselves busy. The next year looks good and we’re seeing more optimism from everyone in the fishing business. Quotas for most commercial species are increasing, fish prices are good and we see fuel prices have fallen significantly. So we have every reason to be optimistic,‘ Flemming Ruby said.

‘The actual construction was very fast at only 25 weeks, plus the four weeks it took to fir the net loft out with equipment. The new net loft means that we can increase our productivity and provide even better service to our customers. The place also provides better working conditions for our staff, who are very happy with the new building. We currently have sixteen netmakers working here,’ Flemming Ruby said.

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