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Thyborøn’s adjustable doors


Thyborøn’s adjustable doors

A new type of trawl door from Thyborøn in Denmark is now in use in Iceland and Greenland. These T20 Flipper doors are an innovation in that they can be adjusted to reduce the surface area by as much as 17% from the maximum available area by moving flaps at the trailing edges. This results in a reduction of towing resistance of up to 24%.

‘This option gives the user possibilities to change the angle of attack by opening or closing one or more of the flaps,’ commented Hampidjan’s Marine supplies and service director Guðbjartur Thórarinsson.
He said that HB Grandi’s newVenus and Greenland pelagic vessel Ilivileq are using 14 and 15 square metre Flipper T20 doors with excellent results. Birtingur is now starting out with a pair of Flipper T20 doors measuring seven square metres.

‘We have some good experience with these doors now. They have performed very well and it’s undoubtedly an advantage to be able to increase and reduce the door size according to the circumstances. By simply opening the upper flap, the doors will angle inwards by 5°.

We can say that here we have a solution that really does kill two birds with one stone,’ said Guðbjartur Thórarinsson.

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