Hampidjan offers a wide range of bottom trawls for various fisheries - including whitefish, shrimp and langoustine. Our bottom trawls work with high efficiency from deep water to shallow water and are designed to cope with various bottom conditions.
The design is based on decades of experience, computer simulation, flume tank trials and onsite observations. By employing the latest technology in design and materials, we are able to assure our customers that they will have the best possible solution available, a solution that will be tailor-made for their vessel and their fishing requirements.
In addition, Hampidjan Group is widely recognized as the market leader in supplying trawls for vessels fishing with multiple trawl systems.

Please take a look at our Fishing Catalogue for more detailed information:

Hampidjan supplies and services the following Bottom Trawls

  • Bottom Trawl Regular
  • Bottom trawl T-90
  • Bottom trawl Long-Wing
  • Bottom Trawl Hi-Lift
  • Shrimp Trawls
  • Langoustine Trawls
  • Semi-Pelagic Bottom Trawls

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