Gloria Self-Spreading
Pelagic Trawls

The Gloria Trawl is recognized as a world-leading product. We constantly strive to make  Gloria Trawls the outstanding fishing gear in any area – it must catch more fish, be easier to handle and last longer.

We know that developing a product to this kind of specification is not achieved by cutting corners or saving pennies. Therefore, we do neither.

Please take a look at our Fishing Catalogue for more detailed information:

We constantly make sure that:

  • The design of every Gloria Trawl is tailored the fishing vessel so it can maintain optimal towing speed while trawling.
  • The design is specifically made with the target species in mind.
  • At the optimal towing speed, the Gloria Trawl evenly filters incoming water - allowing gathered fish to travel safely into the codend.
  • The Gloria Trawl is user-friendly and shoots and hauls easily, with stiff over-braided Self-Spreading Helix Ropes in the front sections.
  • The patented Self-Spreading Technology (SST) makes the Gloria Trawl keep its shape and continue to fish while turning, towing at a lower speed or in side- or following current.
  • By using only quality products and materials the Gloria Trawl may last up to 100% longer than trawls made from cheaper material. 

GLORIA Trawls are available for:

Redfish, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Blue Whiting, Herring, Capelin, Alaska Pollock, Hake, Krill

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